The untamed writer

Wild Writing weekend for Women

Camp, write and celebrate life

11th – 15th of August 2021 in the Netherlands, Drenthe

A retreat to express a deep, wild and alive female language

Creative writing, camping in the forest, simple life, campfires, story-telling, meditation, silence and sharing

Wholeness, Wombness and Wildness

Write your own Myth

About this writers retreat

This Wild Writing Weekend is an opportunity for women to dive into their own authentic wildness- and to express this in their creative writing.

It is a camping retreat to root yourself in the forest and to write from a deep and alive place within. Creative and unexpected writing exercises will help you to find a vibrant, unique tone of voice. In the silent mornings you have the space to connect to yourself and to nature. In the afternoons and evenings there will be time for walking, sharing, cooking and singing around the fire with your likeminded writing-tribe.

Women and Wild Writing

There is a female way of writing. It is intuitive, sensitive, sensory and associative. It is not logical, not lineair. It does not come from the rational mind, the left part of our brain that loves to claim ‘language’ – but from the subconscious, the right, colorful side of our brain, from the lower-belly, the womb. This is not the way we learned writing in school. It is not a civilized way of writing, but a wild one, a primeval language that gives expression to our instinct, our deep knowing.

This writing can surprise and touch you on a deeper level, it tells us things we have forgotten about ourselves, about being a woman. It gives a holistic perspective – in which all things are connected, it brings us back to our wholeness. And our wildness – we are part of nature, connected to the earth, we are not separate.

By meditation, walking, writing and reading books from wise women, you find your own language, your specific female way of writing. Different literary forms will challenge you to play with words, to experiment and find joy in creating.

You will be guided into connecting with your organic ability to create. This ability is just as natural as the pounding of your heart or the flow of your own breath.

Writing and Nature

This retreat is designed to be close to nature. We touch the ground with our bare feet, feel the morning dew and receive the sun on our skin. We listen to the wind in the trees and let the trunks support our backs. We make fires and let the smoke bring us to ancient times. Writing is something we do with the whole body, not only with our heads. By living simple, slow and connected to the place where we are, we are able to write in a more organic way. It invites the wildness in us.

We write in the open air, on the ground, on a pillow/mat, or on (camping) chairs you brought yourself. No buildings, no electricity. We write as much as possible with pen and paper, to free ourselves from a square screen-mind.

Daily Schedule of the writers retreat

The mornings will be (as much as possible) in silence – to support your concentration and opening to yourself and nature.
In the afternoon and evening there is the possibility to connect to the others, share and express.
Every one will take care of their own meals. With lunch / dinner we can eat together, make a potluck dinner.
With breakfast every one is on its own.

A day will look like this (changes to the schedule can happen:)

7.30 – 8.00 Guided morning meditation

8.00 – 8.30  Writing morning pages

8.30 – 10.00  breakfast /shower/ walking  etc.

10 – 13.00: Nanda guides the wild writing

13.00 – 17.00 lunch and free afternoon to explore, rest or swim

17. 00 tea together and sharing our written texts

18.00 making dinner / making fire

20.30  celebrating/ dancing/ singing or just hanging out

22.00 evening rest

The teachings and guidance will be in English. (Or in Dutch when everybody understands)  You can write in your own language to flow better, if you like.

The group has a maximum of 15 women.

Location of the writers retreat summer 2021

We are staying on ‘Landgoed Mariahoeve’ near Papenvoort Drenthe. It is a basic natural camping ground, within a rich forest with a great diversity of trees, small lanes and with a beautiful little lake. The camping is surrounded by farmland and a nature reserve with lots of great walking and biking trails. The camp places are spacious and all have their own fire place.  We have a field where we can camp together, every woman brings her own tent / camping gear. You can also  bring your own van/camper or rent a furnished tipi at the lakeside or a caravan/gypsy wagon (check the website for this – you can book this yourself). If you come with a tent, you only need to register for the retreat.

Teachers of the writers retreat

Nanda is a professional writer and writing teacher for 15 years now, she coaches writers and helps them to write their (life) stories in a creative, honest and deep way and offers writers retreats in and outside of the Netherlands. Next to that she is a long term lover and practitioner of meditation.

Here you can read more about Nanda her journey and vision

‘Nanda’s way of working helps you to find your own authentic voice.’ – Marion

‘Nanda offers a great mix of depth, structure, lightness, humor and freedom.’ – Nellie

Practical details of the writers retreat 2021

WHEN Wednesday 11th of August 1 pm – Sunday 15th of August 4 pm

395 euro incl teachings/camping fee/ organization costs/ 21% tax

Price breakdown:
Teachings and guidance for 5 days : 300 euro (incl 21% tax)
Organization costs: 50 euro
Camping (in a tent) at Mariahoeve for 5 days and 4 nights: 45 euro

Total: 395 euro

If you like an invoice on Company-name, this amount is excl. tax

WHERE: Landgoed Mariahoeve, Papenvoort 2 , 9447 TV in Papenvoort

ATTENDEES Minimum 10, maximum 15

The course is suitable for both people with and without writing experience.

In this writing-weekend:

You combine holiday with creativity and reflection

You will find your own authentic voice

You learn to put words to your own wisdom

You get to know writing prompts that you can easily re-use in daily-life

You awaken the wild woman/ writer within you

You will write your own mythe

You will be nourished by literary examples and poems

You learn different ways of creative writing

You have time for yourself, while you are part of a likeminded group

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