Insight Writing Retreat

Come to express your own wisdom

24th – 26th of january 2020 in the North of Holland

Lees hier de Nederlandse beschrijving van de schrijfretraite

A retreat to combine the power of writing with the depth of meditation

Creative writing exercises, Guided meditation, Inspirational talks, Beauty of Nature, Deep Silence

A writers retreat to let your inner wisdom and creativity flourish

About this writers retreat

This Insight Writing Retreat is a writers retreat offered by the experienced teachers Gemma Polo Pujol and Nanda Huneman. They merge together their communal love for meditation and writing and their complementary talents and approaches to offer a retreat in which there is place for both depth and silence, and for expression and creativity. For ten years Gemma and Nanda have been facilitating Deep Rest Retreats in The Netherlands, this is the first Writing Insight Retreat.

Meditation and Writing

All through the retreat you will be guided to meet your own inner wisdom, the wise voice that is already within you. Through silence, guided meditations, words of inspiration and the great support of nature’s beauty and nourishing food, you will be brought to your own heart and luminous inner space in order to remember the unity and the wholeness that is within. From this place of connection and depth we will support you to find your own words and express through written words your experience and the emerging deep knowing from within. Writing helps you to integrate and understand the inner realms accessed during meditation, it gives form to the insights and becomes a bridge between the mystical moments and daily life.

Lead creative and meditative writing exercises will help you to express these insights on paper, to find your own unique language that resonates with the essence of your being. You will be guided into connecting with your organic ability to create. This ability is just as natural as the pounding of your heart or the flow of your own breath.

Sharing and Silence

Sometimes we will share parts of our written texts and our experiences in a circle, listening deeply and open to each other’s words, holding the space together in which we express ourselves. Sometimes we will be silent, in order to support our process and avoid the attention going to the noisy chattering of the mind or superficial language and distraction. From this silent and intimate source new fresh words can be born on paper.

Fresh start of 2020

As the New Year will be just starting during this writer’s retreat in January 2020, we will give some extra focus to fresh beginnings during the writing and the meditations. What are your intentions for this New Year? What do you like to leave behind, what is old and not serving anymore? And what is waiting to grow, to be seen and embraced? Which thread of light would you like to follow?

During this powerful frame of time in midwinter we can oversee what has happened last year(s) and where we are moving towards in the next year(s). In this time of moving inward, in the rich darkness of winter, we can plant and water the seeds in us for the times to come in which we will move more outwardly to the world and the light. So we can create and establish a base from where to bloom and live a fulfilling life. Writing helps us to make these inner wishes and dreams more concrete and real. Our own words, born from our deepest place within, become a bridge between the inner realm and what we manifest in our daily life.

Daily Schedule of the writers retreat

In the daily schedule of the writer’s retreat there is time for connected movement, guided meditations, silent meditations, guided writing, silent writing, being in nature, sharing in circle, resting and personal interviews with Gemma and Nanda.

The teachings and guidance will be in English. You can write in your own language to flow better, if you like.

We work with a group of maximum 20 people, so we can ensure enough personal attention and quality time.

Location of the writers retreat january 2020

We are staying in the spiritual center Smalhoorn, situated in a former farm in Drenthe, the North of Holland, surrounded by the spacious flat lands and typical straight canals. Around the building there is forest with small lanes and open areas, hidden places, benches, and a tent with a wood fire to be warm and cozy while close to nature. There is a spacious meditation hall with a lot of natural light, and a separate dining room where your delicious vegetarian meals will be served. The rooms are double, sweet, and well taken care off.

Teachers of the writers retreat

Gemma Polo Pujol has always been guided by the fire of her soul and for more than 15 years she has been accompanying people on their spiritual journey and offering deep rest meditation retreats  around the world. She is also a poet and a writer and just finished her book ‘There is light and only light – teachings to illuminate your inner journey.’

Here you can read more about Gemma her journey and background

Nanda is a professional writer and writing teacher for 15 years now, she helps people to put to write  their life stories in a creative, honest and deep way and offers writers retreats in and outside of the Netherlands. Next to that she is a long term lover and practitioner of meditation.

Here you can read more about Nanda her journey and vision

Nanda and Gemma met in India and have been offering Deep Rest retreats for the last ten years in Holland. This is the first Writing Insight Retreat they offer together in the Netherlands.

‘Nanda’s way of working helps you to find your own authentic voice.’ – Marion

‘Nanda offers a great mix of depth, structure, lightness, humor and freedom.’ – Nellie

Practical details of the writers retreat 2020

WHEN Friday 24th of January 2 pm – Sunday 26th of January 5 pm

495 euro incl teachings/food/accommodation/organisational costs/ tax

Price breakdown:
Teachings and guidance for 3 days by two teachers: 300 euro (incl 21% tax)
Accommodation at Smalhoorn for 3 days and 2 nights: 95 euro
6 meals made by our private cook: 50 euro
Costs for flight Gemma, travel costs and materials: 50 euro
Total: 495 euro

We have 3 scholarships available, that makes it possible for people with a low income to join the retreat for a reduced price.
Please feel free to contact us about this possibility.

WHERE: Smalhoorn, Oranjekanaal ZZ 19, Orvelte

ATTENDEES Minimum 15, maximum 20

The course is suitable for both people with and without writing and meditation experience.

This retreat will help you:

To establish a firm base for a daily meditative writing practice as a path to know yourself and flourish in the world.

To open up to the experience of relaxing into life, bringing in a sense of ease and fluidity into your life.

To learn to put words to your own wisdom, for a more rooted and genuine life.

To get to know writing prompts that you can easily re-use to deepen your experiences.

To start the new year in a mindful and connected way, to help you to stay close to your deepest longing.

To awaken the wild and creative writer in you!

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